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Take Special Care When Exercising During The Summer

With shorts and swimsuit season here, many of us get more active as we try to shed the unwanted weight we may have gained during the cold weather months. We begin new running or walking routines or we start to do outdoor activities such as biking and tennis.
If you have heart issues, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting a routine – especially in the warm weather. But whatever our usual activity level is, exercising during the hot summer months should be approached with a little planning.

Common Vitamin Supplements: Good or Bad for Your Heart?

For years, people have been taking calcium supplements to prevent bone loss and stave off osteoporosis. While they may decrease your risk for a fracture, a recent study has found that calcium supplements can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

How much cardio should i do inorder to maintain the size of my pecs?

sup asked: I do around 20-30 minutes cardio before i start working out my muscle group.. Is it too much? Is my cardio the reason why my pecs are not growing as fast? Btw my cardio exercise is just jogging on a treadmill.Scented Candles To Spice Up Your Home

Why Too Much Vitamin-D Bad For Heart?

While small amounts of Vitamin-D can be found in foods including fatty fish (mackerel, sardines and tuna), 80 to 90 percent of what the body requires can get from exposure to sunlight. But during winter season or in cold northern climates where there is a lack of sunlight, people are often encouraged to take supplements.

This is because a deficiency in Vitamin-D would lead to many medical disorders including osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and hypertension, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and cancer.

How much cardio exercise should i do daily if i want to lose 30% of my body weight?

misssophia299 asked: I currently do a short weight routine that works the big muscle groups as well. I know I should change my workout every 6 weeks or so, but I am unsure about how much cardio is good for my wieght loss goals.Pellet Stove Comparisons

Popping the Blood Pressure Balloon

Sixty-eight million Americans have high blood pressure.

What are the best cardio exercises when you have knee pain?

asked: I have been using the stairmaster at the gym for the last 2 weeks.. And now my left knee is starting to hurt. So today I ran on the treadmill, and it made it worse I think. But I really can’t stop doing cardio because I need to continue my weight loss. Any cardio ideas that won’t make my knee worse? Maybe I should just lift weights for a couple days?.. What do you think?Ande Fishing Rods

Be Happy To Prevent Heart Disease!

It has been known that people who are chronically angry, anxious or depressed would have a higher risk of heart attack. The reason quoted by scientists is that the stress associated with these people can lead to damage of arteries and the heart.

What cardio machine at the gym is best for losing weight?

~Tim~ asked: I know cardio is the most important part of a workout for losing weight, buy which cardio machine is best? My gym has treadmills, elypticals, crosstrainers, and bikes. Which would be the best for general weight loss?Bamboo Wind Chimes

What type of cardio should i do and is my current workout method good?

asked: Ok so i just turned 15 today, every other night ive been doing 2 sets of 33 situps and then 1 of 34 for 100 every other night. Then i do as many pushups as i can until i physically cant do it and fall. Im looking into doing cardio too so my abs can show. Any suggestions of the type of cardio i can do? And should i continue with the pushups and situps every other night?Painting Vinyl Siding

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