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Autism severity detected with brain activity test

UCLA researchers have discovered that children with autism have a tell-tale difference on brain tests compared with other children.

Robot-driven device improves crouch gait in children with cerebral palsy

In the U.S., 3.6 out of 1000 school-aged children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). Their symptoms include abnormal gait patterns which results in joint degeneration over time.

Is it Alzheimer's disease or another dementia?

New, noninvasive method may help with diagnosis.A new method may help determine whether a person has Alzheimer's disease or frontotemporal dementia, two different types of dementia that often...

Eye test could help diagnose autism

A new study out in European Journal of Neuroscience could herald a new tool that helps physicians identify a sub-group of people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Failures in stethoscope hygiene can lead to patient infections

You can lead a doctor to disinfection, but how do you get them to clean...or wipe ....or swab a stethoscope?

New test distinguishes Zika from similar viral infections

A new test is the best-to-date in differentiating Zika virus infections from infections caused by similar viruses.

Breathable, wearable electronics on skin for long-term health monitoring

New nanomesh structure lets skin breathe, prevents inflammation.A hypoallergenic electronic sensor can be worn on the skin continuously for a week without discomfort, and is so light and thin...

Pulse oximetry: Uses and benefits

What is pulse oximetry, how do pulse oximeters work, who can benefit from them, and what should be expected from pulse oximetry? What are the limitations?

New gel coatings may lead to better catheters and condoms

Bonded layers of rubber and hydrogel yield tough, slippery, and impermeable coatings.

New algorithm helps neurological disorder patients to walk naturally

A newly devised algorithm, in combination with robot-assisted rehabilitation, enables people with stroke or other neurological disorders to walk again.

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