Childhood Heart Issues

New Blood Test Can Predict Survival Rates in Heart Failure Patients

A blood test called MyLeukoMap has been developed to predict survival rates for people with advanced heart failure who have had surgery to implant mechanical circulatory support devices, reveals a new study.

The experimental blood test was developed at UCLA using gene activity data from immune cells and was 93 percent accurate in predicting survival rates for people.

bMechanical circulatory support devices,/b such as ventricular assist devices and temporary total artificial hearts, ...

Heart Defects in Fetus Due to High Blood Sugar Levels of Mother

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li The mother's blood sugar levels during pregnancy can have a large effect on how likely the baby is to have congenital heart disease. /li
li If a pregnant woman has poorly controlled diabetes with rapidly fluctuating sugar levels, she may be at a higher risk of having a child with the condition. /li
li High glucose levels boosted a chemical process that made the heart cells divide rapidly, but did not allow them to mature well....

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