Childhood Heart Issues

Single center experience with the Potts shunt in severe pulmonary arterial hypertension

There remains limited options for end stage pulmonary arterial hypertension that is refractory to medical therapy. The reprisal of the Potts shunt (pulmonary artery to descending aorta anastomosis) has been used to decrease right ventricle (RV) afterload by creating a right to left shunt in effort to promote lung transplant free survival.

App to Monitor Patients With Advanced Heart Failure

The clinical decision support application monitors medical tests, the health status of patients and notifies clinicians when they require advanced disease therapies.

The research team found that bthe app led to the significantly improved detection of disease advancements such as an increase in patients' survival rates as well as improve quality of life/b.

"We found that clinical decision support can facilitate the early identification of patients needing advanced heart failure therapy ...

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