Support Group

Zipper and Stent Group Inc

Mission: To provide peer support for people who have experienced a cardiac event

Zellweger Baby Support Network (ZBSN)

Mission: to help families and to raise awareness of rare disorders.

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

Mission: to improve the health and quality of life of women living with or at risk of heart disease, and to advocate for their benefit.

Williams Syndrome Association of South Africa (WSASA)

Mission: to promote the interest of all people suffering from the genetic deficiency known as William's Syndrome or infantile hypercalcaemia.

Williams Syndrome Association of Romania - Asociatia Williams Syndrome Romania

Mission: finding people affected by this syndrome and undiagnosed until now and support them and their families, Information and awareness of the medical and educational environment on the syndrome, its manifestations and related therapeutic methods.

Williams Syndrome Association (WSA)

Mission: to enrich the lives of individuals and families affected by Williams syndrome and similar conditions through support, research and education.

VHL Family Alliance

Mission: to provide information for families and physicians about VHL, and local self-help support groups for families affected with VHL.

VACTERL Association Support Group

Mission: to help families affected by VACTERL/VATER Association based in the UK.

Turner Uruguay

Mission: create a socio cultural integration of people with the syndrome, try to improve the quality of life of members of the institution As to their families, promoting early diagnosis of the syndrome, promote equality of working conditions in society, also provide counseling for the girls and the family, also try to disseminate and make available the necessary information about the syndrome.


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