Heart Groups Selected 409 - 420 of 426


Mission: to help sick children whose parents cannot afford to buy them required medicines or treatments to restore them to health, including heart diseases.


Mission: to fund life-saving heart surgery for the most disadvantaged children in Vietnam whose families cannot afford it.


Mission: improving care and treatment of VHL affected.


Mission: to raise awareness of VCFS and to provide information and support to families affected by the deletion and to provide a contact register enabling families of children with similar symptoms to contact each other.

South Africa

Mission: to raise awareness of CHD, drive skills development amongst Africa's medical fraternity and raise the necessary funds to help those who need life-saving surgery or intervention yet cannot afford it.

United Kingdom

Mission: support the work of the Wessex Cardiac Centre (WCC), one of the UK's leading heart treatment centres.

United States

Mission: to enrich the lives of individuals and families affected by Williams syndrome and similar conditions through support, research and education.


Mission: to promote the general welfare of children suffering from Williams Syndrome and to provide practical help and support for children affected by Williams Syndrome


Mission: finding people affected by this syndrome and undiagnosed until now and support them and their families, Information and awareness of the medical and educational environment on the syndrome, its manifestations and related therapeutic methods.

South Africa

Mission: to promote the interest of all people suffering from the genetic deficiency known as William's Syndrome or infantile hypercalcaemia.

United Kingdom

Mission: To be the first point of contact for individuals with Williams Syndrome, their families and professionals needing support and information regarding the Syndrome.

United States

Mission: prevention of heart disease.