Heart Groups Selected 385 - 396 of 426

United States

Mission: to educate the public about congenital heart conditions and to provide funding in the field of pediatric cardiology at UCLA's Medical Center Mattel Childrens Hospital for the goal of servicing and saving children born with heart defects.


Mission: support for the parents of children with heart disease.


Mission: to help sick children in Guyana whose parents are too poor to afford medical care.

United Kingdom

Mission: to promote cardiac rehabilitation in the Berkshire area covered by Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot and the Wexham Park Hospital in Slough.

United Kingdom

Mission: to improve the detection, diagnosis and care of heart babies, before and immediately after birth.

United States

Mission: to develop and share knowledge and experience about Treacher Collins syndrome and related conditions.


Mission: to encourage the search for treatments and preventions of Trisomy 18, to educate and support medical professionals, and to create a caring worldwide community for affected families.

United States

Mission: to find a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex while improving the lives of those affected.

United Kingdom

Mission: to provide support for today and a cure for tomorrow for those with Tuberous Sclerosis.


Mission: to reduce cardiovascular diseases.


Mission: to offer support and information's to women with TS.


the attention and commitment of women with Turner syndrome, and psychological limitations - cognitive, as attention to their families, in favor of integral development (health, education, time free work), for their personal and social development, dignity and solidarity, enabling them to enjoy their rights as human beings have towards society.