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Mission: to establishe a medical network in Eastern Europe and Asia that deals with heart and cardiovascular diseases of all age groups.


Mission: To promote knowledge and treatment of congenital heart disease (CHD) and related disorders in children and young adults in the European Society of Cardiology member countries and beyond.

United States

Mission: to provide support, provide information, fund research, increase awareness and be an outlet for leading medical information pertaining to fetal syndromes.


Mission: to secure efficient and good care for all the patients with CHD in Finland, etc.


Mission: to share information about Marfan syndrome to its members, public authorities and public bodies, to act as a link between Marfan syndrome patients and their families; to monitor the Marfan syndrome patients and their families in the interests of, To develop in patients with Marfan syndrome, treatment and rehabilitation as well as their families, co-adaptation training of health and social care with.


Mission: to prevent heart diseases.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mission: to prevent and reduce cardiovascular diseases.


Mission: to offer assistance to those affected by Friedreich's ataxia and related disorders.

United States

Mision: to assist Rochester, NY area families who have a family member with Friedreich's Ataxia and to contribute to research that will one day cure Friedreich's Ataxia.


Mission: Help medical research by participating in its financing and collaborating in some studies, etc.


Mission: to fund research that will lead to a treatment or cure for FA patients.

United States

Mission: to marshal and focus the resources and relationships needed to cure FA by raising funds for research, promoting public awareness, and aligning scientists, patients, clinicians, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations dedicated to curing FA and related diseases.