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Origins & Letter from Founder

Having members of my family seriously affected by heart conditions, it was only natural to find myself being asked to be a part of research into heart disease. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with a heart condition despite my good health and fitness. Then, I had the unenviable task all parents dread - having my children checked to see if they also had the same heart condition.

So, it seemed inevitable that I found myself with a local heart charity.

Once I became fully involved, my experience with the Internet was used to look into a web presence to replace the existing static pages. Soon afterwards, I was asked to head up a web project for a related national heart charity.

Initial enthusiasm ran high from all perspectives. Understandably, a cautious approach and referrals to committees meant that the full range of desired solutions were not able to be implemented. Further, the charities only focused on one location and one particular age group.

A new approach was required to solve the dilemma "how to deliver the full range of solutions regardless of location, age and situation". Yet my passion to help this and other charities remained strong.

To overcome the cautious inertia of charities' committees, this separate and independant portal was developed with all the functionality that those in the heart community requested, yet charities were constrained from providing.

At the same time, this portal is developed to add to and support the many heart charities, organisations and their members so that the impacts of dealing with heart issues are lessened and their efforts are leveraged to greater effect. Networking collaboratively and cooperatively in the heart community has given me great strength and has fuelled my motivation to work even harder to deliver what is needed.

Your honest feedback and help in spreading the word is needed to help make this portal a valuable support to all others who seek support like you. So please like, follow, share and tell others.

I look forward to hearing from you of new ways this portal can help you and othersIan Coombe.

This project is a private one with no financial assistance. If you support what we are trying to achieve, have been helped in some way through this project, or wish to help us deliver better services, then please contribute to keep us up and runningĀ  - http://www.heartnewslinks.com/donate.

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